Regional Park of Appia Antica

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From via Crucis with Pope Francis to the traditional Easter breakfast: how to plan an Easter weekend in Rome and respect the Roman tradition.

Easter time in Rome correspond with the Catholic rites that precede and follow Easter Sunday, but also coincides with the arrival of spring and warmer and long days. If you are ever in Rome these days, you can join in the procession of the faithful in the famous Via Crucis on Good Friday, as every year, takes place at the Coliseum, presided by Pope Francis. Otherwise, take advantage warm sun to visit one of the beautiful Roman villas open to the public: Villa Pamphili, Villa Borghese, Villa Torlonia and Villa Celimontana.

On Easter Monday, romans used to spend the day together with friends or relatives with a traditional outing or picnic. Weather permitting, this is the time to enjoy a little relaxation in a park, organize a picnic on the grass or a bike ride to work off breakfast and Easter lunch. Inside the Regional Park of Appia Antica there are, perhaps, some of the most loved parks by the Romans, in search of peace in the countryside. Among these, we point out the archaeological area of ​​Aqueducts and Caffarella Valley, full of people for Easter Monday picnic.
On Easter weekend, the Biopark offers games, workshops and activities aimed at all adults and children.
For art lovers, however, the Museums of Rome offer exhibitions and private collections, good ploy in case of rain!

Rome has a rich culinary culture and, at Easter time, there are a lot of delicacies and dishes.  It starts in the morning with the typical Easter Breakfast. On Easter Sunday morning, in fact, romans families used to make the Easter Breakfast full of dishes, both sweet and savory charcuterie (or rather the typical Corallina), boiled eggs and chocolate, warm homemade bread and the legendary slamming pizza (or grown). At lunch time take a walk in the heart of the city and go into one of the trattorias of Trastevere or Ghetto to eat traditional Easter Pizza accompanied by cold cuts and cheeses, or the classic Coratella with artichokes, or the lamb, the typical dish of the Roman Easter tradition cooked in different ways.

Well … Bon appetit and happy Easter!

And now, let’s go! You are ready to visit Rome!

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